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Corporate Sponsorships


Please partner with us in hosting a professional youth empowering seminar for underserved youth.  Our faith-based and patriotic seminars are entitled, Choosing To Lift Every Voice and Sing.  The seminars are fun, educational, and will have a guaranteed lasting effect on any young American scholar!  They are designed to celebrate and understand our early Black and White ancestry and America's attempt to include and respect the rights of all her citizens.  We will offer personalized prizes, gifts, and advertisements with your organization's name and logo on the materials (allow 2 weeks after request and funds received).  Your customers will be so proud and will thank you for supporting the youth of America. 

Please visit the website at and contact us for further information.

Level 1


This level will sponsor 20 participants.

Level 2


This level will sponsor 15 participants.

Level 3


This level will sponsor 10 participants.

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